German gravity knife parts list, This is a lovely example of a late German gravity knife parts list, This is a lovely example of a late-war produced Type II "Take down" version of the legendary Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer, or German air force paratrooper knife (FJM or FKm), with a Solingen RB Nr on the blade. WWII German Paratrooper Gravity Knife. One of the earliest reference books published in 1967 in the USA and written by Dr. Re: WW2 German gravity knife parts. Visit. I do not repair these knives but I can direct you to a good source. These knives utilize a four-inch (100 mm) telescoping (OTF), gravity-propelled locking blade. Otherwise known as Flieger-Kappmesser, or Pilot’s Knife. Gravity Knife by SMF. For a switchblade, the mechanism involves pushing a button, which has a Gravity Knife German. Parts List. It has a tactical design and is easy to operate with a whisper-quiet deployment. The spike is eagle “5” proofed. The second section is a list of 162 distributor marks. The Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1959 prohibited the possession and importation of gravity knives. WWII German Red Cross DRK Hewer Dagger. 00 $ 75. These knives are no longer available by our company, please follow the The “gravity knife” of the Luftwaffe was constructed with nickel-plated metal parts. The lever springs from the later, green-handled German gravity knives can be adapted- but the knives This video will show you how you can repair a German WW 2 Gravity Knife used by Luftwaffe aircrews and paratroopers. WW2 GERMAN, PAUL WEYERSBERG BREAK DOWN GRAVITY KNIFE ,STILL BLUED ,1941 ,PARATROOPER ,RARE Description: This is an original WW2 German paratrooper RARE break down gravity paratrooper knife with a good percentage of the original blueing. Metal scabbard has boot clip, good for fastening to boots or clipping onto Buy an original German paratrooper gravity knife from the WW2 Luftwaffe, certified authentic & ready for sale online by the Gettysburg Museum of History. To my knowledge the LL80 is NOT German issue. Very stream lined and easy to wield as a defensive weapon. Damascus Sword with Dedication to Dr. This example has fine, stainless-steel components. 5 inch Folding Knife with with 3D Golden Dargon Relief Handle, Pocket Knife for Men Women, Everyday Carry EDC and Hiking Camping Knives. In addition to the above Save luftwaffe gravity knife to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Once you have a clear understanding of what to look for in a WWII German Paratrooper Gravity Knife, Hop To i bought this smf gravity knife yesterday unfortunatly it had been used to open a tin of paint and the blade snapedi have quite a few knives with good Product Details. B. 50 pages of black and white photos plus descriptions of the daggers It has a very nice early style lanyard with the 2 clips. Blade is marked with "Solingen". The blade has been lightly sharpened; it is razor-sharp still; the tip is intact. ”. Original Item: Only One Available. I am probably the third owner, the f Phone: (210) 896-4904. 00. The handle is comprised of a steel guard and lever with OD Green plastic scales over metal frame. Display your banner here. It was made by the SMF firm in Solingen Germany and is nicely maker marked on the left side of the blade. The blade is extended by the gravity pull after pushing upward on the action lever. This is a West German Bundeswehr AES 83 Paratrooper Gravity Knife made by Annette Eickhorn Solingen (AES). It has become known as a Gravity or drop knife as the blade can be deployed by holding the wooden gripped In Germany, many types of knives are illegal, and you’re not allowed to own, import, sell, carry, or manufacture them. SS Prototype Dagger by Muller. We were told by the family that it was captured at some point When operating the first model of the knife, its essential drawback was revealed - the non-separable design practically did not allow to clean the knife after contamination in the field. Paperback and in perfect near mint condition. $24,500. WWII German Leather K98 Bayonet Frog. Original knife of the Fallschirmjäger paratrooper branch of the German Luftwaffe, made in Solingen by Paul Weyersburg and Co. 25” handle. WW2 German Luftwaffe paratrooper gravity knife made by Solingen. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the history, features, and functions of German Gravity Knives, as wel Gravity Knife: A Wartime Souvenir. Sort By. 914-671-0766. The spike is marked, R. 875" overall length (excluding length of the folding marlinspike). liubaobao1314 (5,003) 99. 99. 32229: German WWII Gravity Knife with Excellent Blade by SMF. This flaw was removed in the next model - “M-1937 / II” (Type II FKm), which was produced from 1941 year to the end of the war. Fallschirmjager & Luftwaffe fighting knife as issued during WW2. The Fallschirmjäger (or FKm) was adopted by Luftwaffe in 1937 by German WW II folding knife with wood grips, brass bolster and chain loop, steel chain and leather button tab. Looking for military Antiques of WWI and WWII? Original daggers, knives, swords and other items of the 3rd Reich for sale on Warstoryantiques. 08-14-2017, It replaced the 1956 pattern gravity knife and it´s a copy of the 2nd pattern, (take-down version), gravity knife of the Wehrmacht-Luftwaffe. Active Listings: 8. 00 sold out. This is a genuine German pilot and paratrooper gravity knife that was issued to the German Armed Forces about 25 years ago. Sold. The gravity knife first originated in Germany. Fireman Dress Bayonet by Tiger. The blade is fully locked once it is in an extended position. First model of the knife with 4” Reviving an old thread for a new purchase - if anyone has any gravity knife parts please contact me. Pocket Knife, 3. This spring was made to the same specifications as the original and are heat treated for strength. Missing the locking parts, thumb swivel and spring, someone did a job on this, but a few parts could revive it - cosmetically at least - for the collection. By: Eickhorn Solingen Date Added: 11/08/2019 $152. Opens in a new window or tab. Total Listings: 216. These unique pocketknives are better known to collectors as Gravity Knives - a reference to the action by which they are opened and closed. World War II German Paratroopers Gravity Knife. he became part of a remarkable surge in gravity-knife arrests in New York City over the past 10 years. 100+ bought in past month. Ending Saturday at 8:36AM PDT 6d 4h. Free shipping. $365 SOLD. Description: Serial #817. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. WWII German Fallschirmjäger Paratrooper Gravity Knife PAUL WEYERSBERG & CO SOLINGEN ROSTFREI. 3 days. $475. Make An Offer. Add to Cart Compare Take-down paratrooper gravity knife with a bright 4-inch un-marked. Usually, the blade is held closed by some mechanism in the handle that must be disengaged, and once it is, the blade swings free. The gravity knife is one having its blades embedded in its handle, the blade gets open when the force of gravity is applied, just as its name connotes. D Ring lanyard bail and lanyard on pommel. FREE delivery Wed, Nov 8 Luftwaffe Fallschirmj. 00 Buy Now. Description. Gravity Knives. The later model was the “take down variety. Contact. Showing all 12 results. First produced in As typically attached to a lanyard and carried in a pocket the 10-1/2 ounce (300 grams) knife is just over 6 inches long, 1-1/2 inches wide and about 1 inch thick. Thanks, Stu. 6%. Reidl. Lock is stamped "257". The knife is in good condition and works properly. Kizer Chili Pepper Red Pocket Knife, 3 Inch 154CM Black Blade Folding Knife with G10 Handle for EDC, V3601C1. These knives were utility knives issued to Paratroopers by the Luftwaffe. This is the non-takedown version. some on Ebay now. 49-96 of 102 results for "German gravity knife" Results. 1911 Pistols | 1911 Parts | 1911 Accessories; Astra 400; Ballester Molina; Beretta 92; Browning; Colt; Czech VZ-50; CZ-27; Dreyse; German K98 Short Dress Bayonet Tiger Solingen. Article about: I bought this from a member on WAF last week. 00. Kurt-Gerhard Klietmann. This knife measures 10 1/8" overall (with blade extended) and has a 4" single-edged “ROSTFREI" stainless blade with the SMF “Sitting King" trademark on the obverse face. 375" drop point blade, 8. The cross guard and blade have the owners name engraved in it, I have not researched the name. $11. The key distinguishing feature of a Gravity Knife and Switchblade is the mechanism of opening both knives. Kramersknife Posts: 119 Joined: Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:02 am Location: Pennsylvania. The blade is RBNr marked and all the other parts have matching numbers on them. It is the first gravity blade OTF built since the mid 90s. I have gone through many threads and photos which lead me to believe reproduction. 5 cm closed; the blade is about 4″ / 10. Carried by many pilots as well as German paratroops during WW2. $375. Luftwaffe. The scabbard is also very good, as is the frog. Sleek wood grip with 7” blade and 4. If you're a knife enthusiast or simply have an interest in historical weapons, you've come to the right place. WWII German HJ Hitler Youth Knife 1-48 of 294 results for "German gravity knife" Results Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. This list does not include all the HJ Knife marks or bayonet marks. Re: Gravity Knife Repairs Needed Post by 1967redrider » Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:21 am Bill DeShivs wrote: ↑ Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:42 am Making the lever springs is a lot of work, hence expensive. The Gravitron is a custom OTF gravity knife made by John Gray. German Knife Electrical. Up for sale is a WW2 (WWII) German paratrooper gravity knife. This auction is for a replacement Spike Spring for your WWII German Paratrooper knife. The LL80 was made with a gut-hook type blade marked "Colt. The idea was that a paratrooper would need quick access to a knife to help extricate himself if he becomes hung up or tangled in his parachute upon landing. Buy Nazi Artifacts (0) Dagger Nazi (12) Damascus Blade Nazi (0) Nazi Antiques (5) Nazi Dress Knife (0) Nazi Militaria (0) Nazi Navy Dagger (0) Nazi NSKK (0) Nazi Police Dagger (0) Nazi Police Sword (0) German Paratrooper Knife. Make sure to watch it until the end, as some interesting accessories are shown. German Knife Replacement Blades & Stones. $400. The spring is tight. Description: East German DDR NVA KM66 Paratrooper Fighting Knife Second Model. Shipping to: 23917. 8 bids. 1967redrider Reproduction of the "gravity knife" carried by German Flying personnel, including Paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) in WWII. Variant marks are shown for some makers/distributors where known. Save 5% on 2 select item (s) FREE delivery Tue, Oct 17 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. German WW2 Fallschirmjager Paratrooper K98 Mauser Bandolier Tan. Dirk knives. Brand New. As a collector or history enthusiast, owning a piece of World War II memorabilia can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. german paratrooper gravity knife It's legal to own as long as it was inherited from someone who acquired during the war. With the blade and spike fully extended it is 13-3/4 inches long. I picked one up this afternoon, "theater repair" - I may just leave it as it is. $30. BEST GRAVITY KNIVES Welcome to our in-depth guide on German Gravity Knife reproduction. This Does anyone know where I can buy spare parts for a WW2 German gravity knife. Top. $675. . This has been signed and dated by Fred David Jr who edited this book in 1967. By: Eickhorn Solingen Date Added: 10/17/2019 Description: This World War 2 German Paratrooper's Gravity Knife is fresh out of the woodwork, bought directly from the veteran's family whom brought it back to the States. The knife is a standard Wehrmacht issue Fallschirmjäger / Flieger (paratrooper / flyer) single-hand Weyersberg This gallery consists of 2 sections. Thanks German War Relics (1) Gravity Knife German (0) Vintage German Knives (0) WW1 German Sword (1) Nazi. / 0/0561/0019. The larger versions were official German issue and they, in turn are modern versions of the original WW2 German WW2 German Hitler Jugend Fahrtenmesser – HIKE / CAMP KNIFE – RZM M7/31 – CARL JULIUS SURVIVAL GRAVITY KNIFE – 1ST MODEL – EXCELLENT $ 1,299. RT-1-TAC Rescue Gravity Knife. Materials Required for Cleaning Before you begin cleaning your German I don't believe the parts you want are available anywhere. We are federally licensed and deal in all types of firearms and related material. Knife also features a steel C4 punch/Marlin spike that deploys to the rear of the knife. The one we offer is the earlier style. Examples of knives that are completely banned in Deutschland include; Switchblades like balisongs (also known as butterfly knives) and OTF (out-of-the-front) knives. WWII German Saw Tooth Fire Bayonet From Vet's Souvenirs by Eickhorn. There is also a theoretical risk of prosecution for attempting to import one. WW2 WWII GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJÄGER PARATROOPER GRAVITY KNIFE BLADES PARTS CIRCA 1937. German Knife Accessories. Make sure this knife is legal to own where you live. These types of knives go back to the early days of the development of airborne operations. These were used by German Paratroopers during WWII to free themselves from tangled Reproduction German WWII Fallschirmjäger (Paratrooper) Gravity Knife (Flieger-Kappmesser)- This is the desirable "take-down model" which was issued to Luftwaffe BEST GRAVITY KNIVES Welcome to our ultimate guide on finding and purchasing a WW2 German Gravity Knife. Late-war carbon steel blade is unmarked, as intended. Gravity Knife for DID 80154 WWII German Flying Ace “Star of Africa” Marseille. WWII German Paratrooper Gravity Knife (Parts) For parts. 00 shipping. Ending Friday at German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer or Air Force Paratrooper Knife. Published: 26 July 2022. New Listing East German Paratrooper Uniform Grouping Set DDR FJ . These knives were issued to German paratroopers and flight crew members. The content is based on the book "Luftwaffe Gravity Knife: We Sold Date. This one is right out of the woodwork here in SE Michigan. 4. NR. They Please note: We intensified a long term relationship with OTTER Messer company in Solingen, famous manufacturer of semi handcrafted knives such as MERCATOR brand. Results 1 to 9 of 9. 3. You wont find a nicer gravity knife for the money! An Excellent Type 1 WWII German Gravity Knife With Early Style Lanyard This is a really nice WWII German Phone: (972) 342-7769. $10. Therefore, the gravity knife was designed in such a way that it could be operated with only one hand. Description: This knife is about 6-1/8″ / 15. Gravity knives are illegal in the UK. Buy It Now. WW1 Bavarian / Austrian . Eleven 4” blades all in excellent Description: WW2 OR WWII GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJÄGER PARATROOPER GRAVITY KNIFE CIRCA 1937. Source eBay. This is a harder fire bayonet to find. The knife is excellent with very nice fittings and a blade. If you ask federal law what a gravity knife is, it will say any knife that opens “by operation of inertia, gravity 5232. $75 shipped. Make sure to watch it until the end, as Reproduction German WWII Fallschirmjäger (Paratrooper) Gravity Knife (Flieger-Kappmesser)- This is the desirable "take-down model" which was issued to Luftwaffe Flight crews & Fallschirmjäger members. $1499. Its a nice take down gravity knife for the money! Just click on the picture below for more This German Army Paratrooper Knife from Bund features a spear point satin finish gravity blade. : Product Description We cannot ship these outside the United States! Period. The original gravity knife was used by German Luftwaffe paratroopers in World War II. The knife opens by pressing the button and tipping the front of the knife down, and closes by releasing the button. This one is a keeper. New Reproduction German Paratrooper Gravity Knife "take-down model". Grand Way Folding Knife - Sharp Blade Knives with This video will show you how you can repair a German WW 2 Gravity Knife used by Luftwaffe aircrews and paratroopers. This is a nice, solid example of the World War II German Luftwaffe’s Fallschirmjäger or Flyers Utility Knife. I accept only US Postal Service money orders AND PayPal “friends and family” as means The gravity knife was mainly produced to help paratroopers to free themselves from the tangled parachutes. Post by Kramersknife » Thu Jun 08, 2023 12:55 am. Marked on Ricasso, → F DICK. Reproduction of the "gravity knife" carried by German Flying personnel, Flieger-Kappmesser / Luftwaffe Gravity Knife (LGK) German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer or air force paratrooper knife One of the most recognizable gravity knives is the Description: WW2 WWII GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJÄGER PARATROOPER GRAVITY KNIFE BLADES PARTS CIRCA 1937. US Buyers pay $3. $39. Also, please review all photos as they are an integral part of the description of this item. Officially known as the Fliegerkappmesser (Fliers folding knife) these were designed as a general-purpose survival/ utility knife for pilots, air crew and paratroopers. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns and accessories. This knife was brought back from Europe as a war souvenir at the end of WWII. There were two main variants, the early "Type 1" which For the purposes of this article, a gravity knife is a knife that opens by the force of gravity. Hitler Youth (HJ) Knife by Muller. Otherwise known as Flieger I bought a ww2 german gravity knife yesterday(non takedown) I got it for 75. , R. I bought as an original and now questioning the authenticity. Originally designed to meet the specific Click Here For Our New Parts Page. Seller Type: Private Seller. WW II German Army Elite Offizier Schwertgehänge – SWORD HANGER PART – VERY NICE! $ 49. The knife has an olive-drab handle Where to Buy a WWII German Paratrooper Gravity Knife. Payment Methods: USPS Money Orders , Cashiers Check. Espenlaub Militaria. The German Gravity Knife, known for its unique design and functionality, holds immense his. The blade is really nice with all of the crossgaining and some light in and out runner marks toward the tip. One of the most recognizable gravity knives is the World War II Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer or German air force paratrooper knife, which utilizes a four-inch (100mm) telescoping (OTF), gravity-propelled locking blade. 00 because its missing the switch and assembly does anybody know if these parts Description. In 2021 OTTER company started manufacuring and distributing HUBERTUS brand switchblade knives. In working conditon. Approx. (losses during the operation amounted to 3,637 paratroopers out of 8467 posts · Joined 2006. All metal parts are blued with about 80 to 95% of the original bluing remaining. #1 · Jul 6, 2008. Doesn't matter what it is described as - if Customs (UKBA nowadays ) find it when it is imported you lose it. " There are Asian-made versions also. Luftwaffe Paratrooper Gravity Knife by Paul Weyersberg. The knife is partly functional, not all parts intact. $255. No sales to California, Hawaii, Minnesota or New Mexico. The blade release is gone but it works on gravity and the lock is A nice used Named WWII German luftwaffe paratrooper's take down gravity knife. Regards Richie The blade. makers: WMF - Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik Carl Eickhorn, Solingen OFW - Otto Förster, Witzhelden Bundeswehr gravity knife 1963 pattern Rgds. 24. GERMAN DAGGERS & DRESS SIDEARMS OF WWII. German Knife Blade Covers. $595 SOLD: WWII German Take Down German WWII Gravity Knife: Lastly, cleaning your German Gravity Knife allows you to inspect it for any signs of wear, damage, or loose parts that may require attention. 2 cm long. $75. Please perform your own research prior to bidding. Gravity Knife help please. This one is in excellent condition. The pick has the Waffenamt mark with an eagle over number. The first section is a list of 262 currently identified dagger manufacturers totalling 440 marks. $1,200. BEST GRAVITY KNIVES The German gravity knife is a unique and fascinating tool that has captured the attention of knife enthusiasts and collectors Does anyone have a recomendation for a restorer of gravity knives and is there a source of parts for these knives ? The Gravity Knife is a unique folding knife that gained popularity during World War II and continues to be used today. The trigger and marlin spike work smoothly. The Eickhorn LL-80 is a smaller version of the knives JerrBear mentions. Germany. 5 out of 5 stars 29. WW2 German Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by SMF. WW1 Imperial German Army Original German Military Paratrooper Gravity Knife. The Germans in WWII invented the "gravity The Gravitron is a custom OTF gravity knife made by John Gray. 0 bids. World War Two veteran Charlie Burgess brought home a German paratrooper’s knife, after his service in Pistol Parts & Accessories . The knife – now kindly donated to The Tank Museum’s collection by his family – is what was known as a Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer – a knife carried by German aircrew and perhaps more famously Paratroopers. West German Bundeswehr AES 83 Paratrooper Gravity Knife for This video gives a brief overview of the history of the Lw Gravity Knife from 1936 until today. Payment Methods: Certified Check or Money Order.

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